Classica is one of the most professional manufacturers of Parrot sand-perches and parrot toys with high quality standard. All products are gained by cultivation on plantation whereby our beautiful and marvelous nature is not hurt.

All of our products are hand-made. Our perches are made of genuine wood from coffee tree or eucalyptus tree from southern Thailand. The hard wood has been dried and without leaching. The wood is coated with tropic cleaned sea-sand or colored with non-toxic color.

CLASSICA sand perches trim beak and claws and are likewise taking care of a comfortable foot reflex massage whereby the muscular system of the leg is being trained.

We also have other different design of bird toys. We utilize on using 100% cotton rope and acrylic to make the toys with premium standard. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative new products for our customers' need and their birds to enjoy.

Enjoy and have fun with our 5-star toys!!